About Me

Hey there! I’m assuming that anyone reading this lil ol’ blog here already knows who I am, but just in case you happened to stumble across Stuffed Soul on the world wide web, here’s a little more about myself and what I’m doing here.

My name is Catherine, but for anyone who knows me (except for my mom, maybe), it would be really weird to call me that. For most, including my husband, in-laws, friends, friends’ parents, friends of friends, high school acquaintances, etc. I’m Kearns (my maiden name) or Kearnsy. To most of my immediate family, I’m Cate. To the little girls I carried around inside of me for nine months or so, I’m Mommy. To the little people who sit criss-crossed apple sauce with me daily, and the co-workers that share my love for teaching, I’m Mrs. Coe. And to a handful of special people who decided it was friendship at first sight and I deserved a shorter, cooler name than Catherine, I’m Cat. So long story short…call me what you want, just don’t call me late for supper, ya know what I mean??

Stuffed Soul is primarily a place for family, friends, and nosey neighbours alike who want to take a peak inside our home from time to time to check out what we’ve been up to. My husband, Shaun, and I bought our first house (a 1963 two-storey) in April of 2014 and have been chipping away (pun intended) at it, to make it our home, ever since. Shaun is a contractor, so although I’ve DIY’ed my way through a few projects, our major reno’s are done by professionals (mostly Shaun), something that I/we always recommend. Having said that, Shaun works full-time completing beautiful reno’s in other people’s homes; I work full-time (currently on mat-leave, but still workin’ it FULL-TIME…respect to all you stay-at-home mama and daddy’s out there); and we’re living with two hooligans (Mickey, 3 and Isla, 8 months) who require a bit of our attention, so our projects don’t follow your typical timeline or flow…in other words, no timeline, no flow, just flying by the seat of our pants, survival mode most days.

Alright, alright, enough rambling…we all know you’re just here for the before and afters, am I right?? Have at it! And feel free to comment where you’d like…unless you have something mean to say, then get outta here! Kidding, not kidding.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. this is a great website Catherine…that is how i know you always, so will call you that….:) did you make the wreath on the door? Besides being a great person, you are smart, brilliant, funny and COOL! I loved reading your site and browsing and being nosey thru your pics of your family house. 🙂


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