Fireplace Makeover

I would describe myself as a pretty safe person, who likes to be just a wee bit different. If I were on the proverbial beaten path, I’d just be off to the side. I might have a toe grazing the edge or something. Some might say I’m way off the straight and narrow…others probably think the opposite. I guess normal is all relative, but what I’m trying to say is that being exactly like the crowd just doesn’t feel right to me. My hubs is much the same way, and I want our home to reflect that. Which brings me to our fireplace. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in.

iphonepicsAug2014 231

That, my friends, is what we call potential. I knew as soon as I saw this bad boy, that it would be an amazing feature some day, even if it didn’t work…which it doesn’t.

So after mulling it over, and over and over, like I do all of my design decisions I decided to go against the grain a bit by not painting the brick white. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE white painted brick and I hope to paint all of our exterior brick white some day. But, for this guy I wanted something different. I toyed with the idea of black, which is also an awesome choice, but then I thought, “no, not different enough”. My mind kept going back to the deep blue navy wall that we had just left behind at our old house.

iPhone 203

Even though our old house was a rental, I just. can’t. not. decorate. This wall had all these funky juts and angles, so I decided to paint it a dark colour to make it seem not so awkward and it turned out to be my favourite part of the room…that always happens!

I loved the dark blue so much, but I didn’t really have a place for it in the new house. I knew painting all the walls dark blue would be way too much and there isn’t a good “feature wall” on the main floor, but there is a fireplace! Hmmm…should I paint the fireplace dark blue?? After the idea popped in to my head, I do what I always do in a situation like this…search Pinterest to see if anyone else has had a crazy idea like this. Shockingly, I could not find one single inspiration picture of a dark blue fireplace. So, I did it anyway. It’s just paint, right? Here’s the beautiful thing about paint…it’s cheap, and if you don’t like the colour, you can just paint right over it. No biggie! I told myself these things a few times before I got started. The reality is that I really really didn’t want to repaint it, but it was worth the risk. So, if you’re thinking of painting something an unconventional colour, I support you! Don’t be afraid. Go get that paint! Emerald green wall? Love it! Hot pink dresser? Why not!? Black trim? Yes! Yes….do that right now! It might suck. But you know what? It might not suck…it might be amazing!

Oh, right, my fireplace. I couldn’t remember which brand or colour I used for the wall in our old house, so I just went to the paint store and landed on the perfect shade of blue (Dark Night, by Sherwin Williams). I was thinking that I would need to prime the fireplace with a tinted primer before painting it, but after talking to the paint guy he told me that wasn’t necessary. I used SW Opulence Interior Matte Enamel, which is a latex paint.


I was really skeptical of not having to prime before painting, especially since it was a dark colour, but paint guy was right! I gave the fireplace a good scrubbing before starting, particularly where there were smoke marks, but other than that, I just slapped on this paint with a brush and voila!

iphonepicsAug2014 553

Here’s the first coat of the first section. It still took me forever because there are so many grooves, but I was so happy with how well it went on.

iphonepicsAug2014 556

Again, this is only one coat! When I was finished the entire thing, I went back and just did some touch ups where it was needed.

iphonepicsAug2014 570

I painted for a couple hours at a time over the course of about a week, during Mickey’s nap times (funny that I am now writing this and Isla is almost the same age that Mickey was when I was doing this). If you’re not doing this in Mom time though, I’m sure you could bang it out in a day!

iphonepicsAug2014 599

Here it is just after I finished painting it, and after Shaun and his parents finished painting the walls, 2 years ago.

aug162016 567.jpg

And here it is today! Along with a few new furnishings. I still love the colour and the actual finish itself has held up great over the past 2 years. Anyways, both of my kids are now screaming at me from that beautiful pink sofa as I try to finish this post, so I guess I better go now. Until next time friends…





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