Take off that Skirt!

Before you get too excited (or offended, depending on what kind of a person you are), I’m talking about a sofa here.

It all started with an innocent trip to the thrift store. Wednesdays are the best. Since I am currently on maternity leave, my mom usually comes on Wednesdays to watch the kiddos while I get a few things done that would normally be completely impossible to do with kids around. Often this includes running errands, cleaning, dentist appointments, a DIY project, and yes, sometimes…shopping…alone! I just get in my car, and leave, just like that! Then if I see somewhere I want to stop, I stop. I get out of my car with just my purse in hand, I close the door and I go in! Then I walk around and look at things, and if I want, I go to another place!!!! If you don’t have children, right now, you’re probably thinking, ‘I don’t get it. What is with all the exclamation marks?‘ And if you do have children, you’re thinking, ‘Wow! She just leaves the house? Without packing 12 bags and a stroller and thinking 100 times over what else she might possibly need? I wonder what that feels like?!! It sounds so luxurious!’ And you’re right, friends, it is so luxurious!

So, here I was, gallivanting around town. I had already hit up another thrift store and was heading out when I drove past the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I actually drove past and did a u-turn, thinking, I’m not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to go back in there. As I was browsing around, I came across this sofa and I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud. A pink sofa, are you kidding me??

july416 176.jpg

I immediately thought that this little beauty would look great without the skirt. So I checked her out to see if it would even be possible. And then I saw these…

july416 177.jpg

Okay, my heart rate is starting to speed up a bit now. The skirt was held on with upholstery tacks, so I knew it would be fairly easy to take it off. Next, I looked for any rips or stains…nothing. I did a sit test..super comfy. I checked the price…75 FREAKING DOLLARS! And then I thought, Shaun might actually kill me if I buy this. So I walked (almost ran) out of the store. At this point my heart is racing, so I texted Shaun a picture of the sofa and told him that I was pretty sure I needed this pink sofa. Surprisingly, he disagreed. After chatting a bit he said, “Do whatever you want. I hate it.” Which translates to, “Go for it! You deserve it and I love you!”…right? So I bought it.

july416 297.jpg

I bought this upholstery tack remover from the fabric store for about $10, but you can easily find one on Amazon for cheaper if you’re willing to wait. I probably could have also used needle nose pliers but I didn’t want to risk ripping any fabric, and this little tool really made the job so easy.

july416 333.jpg

I flipped the sofa upside down to make the job easier and I started at the back corner, just in case anything went wrong.

july416 301.jpg

Once I got started it was a piece of cake and the whole thing took about ten minutes to get off. How about a little before and after, shall we?

july416 296

july416 303

So, the moral of the story is this: Don’t be afraid to take off that skirt and show off your legs…if you’re a sofa…or a human…whatever!

Here’s a few more photos of the pink lady in her new home.

july416 339

july416 340

Yep…that’s a toy under the sofa that I didn’t see when I took this picture. My photoshop skills aren’t there yet, so just pretend you don’t see it because I really like this picture otherwise.

july416 341

july416 342

july416 346

july416 348

You might have noticed, I did some rearranging. You see, you can’t just buy a pink sofa and expect it to work with all the other furniture you already have. Especially if you have a pink coffee table, green side table, blue chair and blue fireplace. For now, I’ve rearranged, but the pink sofa really changes everything. Stay tuned to see what else happens around here.






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