Main Floor Reno Part 3: The Really Pretty Stuff

Okay, here we go…the good stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate and recognize the importance of proper demo and reconstruction of a reno but my heart is with the pillows and pretty things.

You saw a sneak peek of the new paint colour in the previous post. We’ve come a long way since trimless windows and drywall dust. Okay, there’s still some drywall dust…that shit is like glitter. And you know what they say about glitter…herpes of the art world! All of the walls on the main floor, with the exception of the powder room, are Reflection by Sherwin Williams. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t love the colour. I definitely like it, but it has a blueish hue that I didn’t realize until every. single. wall. was covered in it. Shaun and his parents put in many hours to get the main floor painted so I was not about to ask them to redo it all. I also made the mistake of choosing a flat finish (another one of those lessons we learned). I really like the look of the finish, but it is totally impractical with kids who feel the need to put their sticky fingers on every surface they see. We decided that we will wait until we redo the kitchen to paint it all again. And for the record, I have no problem painting myself, but I was on baby duty at the time, much like every other project we have done. I would actually love to get my hands dirty more, but real life doesn’t always allow for it.


Our entry is teeny tiny, so I had to think of some slim storage solutions. This shoe cabinet from Ikea is the perfect fit. I love the look and it holds a LOT of shoes. I love how bright and open it is now as soon as you walk in to the house. And our little Mickey is front and centre. We had her beautiful portrait done by a local artist, Ashley Brick, and couldn’t be happier. Now to save our pennies for Isla’s portrait.

As I’ve mentioned before, this space will eventually be the kitchen. In fact, the whole wall behind the dining room table, along the side of the house will be kitchen and there will be an island butted up against the large post. For now, the dining room makes the most sense here as it was in the original floor plan. Shaun built the island for our old house and it fits perfectly between the kitchen and dining room and gives us some extra counter space. The light fixture is from Amazon. It was a nightmare to put together but so worth it (says the girl that didn’t actually put it together)! The chairs are from Structube and the table was a thrift score from kijiji. The barstools are also from Amazon and the sheepskins were on clearance at Jysk for $10 each. The kitchen is tucked away around the corner there, but we aren’t going to look at that right now because it’s all about the pretty stuff today and the kitchen is far from pretty. If you’re really curious about the kitchen, check it out in the home tour.

Apr30 716

Apr30 657

Baby photobomb!

Apr30 647


The fireplace is my favourite part of the living room. It was definitely a bold colour choice (Sherwin Williams – Dark Night), one that many people doubted, but I’m so glad I went for it. I think I might do a makeover post just on the fireplace so keep an eye out for that!

Apr30 283

This space is what I like to call a necessary evil. When the kitchen is done, this will become the dining room, but for now it’s the kids’ space. I’m so glad the girls have a space of their own where we can house their toys and books but it drives me crazy that no matter how much I rearrange and tidy things, it always seems to look cluttered to me. It is what it is though, and it makes life easier as a parent. And honestly, parenthood is hard enough as it is so I do whatever I can to make things a wee bit easier in that department. SURVIVAL!

Next up…the powder room! It’s a classic before and after you will want to check out!!


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