The Specs

Shaun and I took possession of our house April 25th, 2014 (one day before our daughter Mickey’s 1st birthday). We’d been dreaming of owning our own home for some time and we were so lucky to have landed this place before it even went on the market. I thought for sure we would be searching for a while before agreeing on something, but we both saw the potential in this home and we were able to get it within our price range. The house was (and still is in many places) ugly but it had great bones – exactly what we were looking for.

iphonepicsAug2014 066

This was the first picture I saw of our house. (Gawd that’s a lot of snow…dirty, disgusting, cold snow!) My in-laws are home inspectors and sent this picture to Shaun and I after being asked by the agent to take a look at it before it went on the market. We owned it a month later!

Here are the specs:

  • Built in 1963
  • Approximately 1200 sq. ft.
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 1.5 Bathrooms
  • Uggglyyyy
  • Perfect!

Our plans change on a daily basis around here as to how long we want to stay in this house and what exactly we want to do to it. I have BIG ideas that need to be reeled in from time to time. We know it’s not our forever home but we will definitely be spending a good chunk of our lives here, so we need to find the balance between renovating to make it our home and renovating to eventually get a good return on our investment. Since Shaun is a contractor, we are able to put in a lot of sweat equity that will eventually work in our favor, but for now that means long hours, hard work, and living in a house that is always under construction.

iphonepicsAug2014 495-2

Before owning our own little fixer upper, I was always bothered when people complained about living through renovations. I thought, ‘sure, it’s not ideal, but I can’t wait to be able to design a space and work at making it exactly how I want it. The mess and chaos won’t be so bad.’ Wellllll, okay ya it totally sucks! When your contractor is your husband who works full time in other peoples houses and can only work on your house in the evenings and weekends…and only during small windows of time when your 1 year oldย  is not sleeping… and then you have to take said 1 year old (EDIT: that 1 year old is now a 3 year old and add in a 9 month old) out of the house while he is working because there’s dust and debris and power tools…well it becomes a little more than inconvenient. I swear, I’m not complaining though! Really! I’m not. But it’s just important to note that it’s a pretty crazy, and at times stressful, endeavor. It’s a lifestyle that we’ve come to accept and embrace. I envision, one day, Shaun and I enjoying a glass (or bottle…or several bottles) of wine in our completely renovated home that we put our blood, sweat and tears into (okay, his blood and sweat and my tears), and thinking about what a wild ride it all was. Raising two kids and building this house into a home.







2 thoughts on “The Specs

  1. Trust me, that bottle will happen the day you finish reno’s, but will coincidentally be the day you also sell it “for something bigger”….. oh the reno process!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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