The To Do List

To start things off, I need to get my head around what we’ve done so far, and what we plan to do. I’m going to make one of my Type A, super organized besties so proud right now and make a list! Kate, this one’s for you! (Seriously, she’s giddy with excitement right now, I know it). Okay, here we go…

The To Do List:

Main Floor:

  • tear out walls (including adding a beam for support)
  • rework ductwork and electrical from inside walls
  • patch walls, create bulkhead around beam and ductwork
  • move door from the powder room
  • add closet
  • new floors throughout (hardwood in living/dining/kitchen and tile in bathroom/entry)
  • new trim, doors, hardware
  • redo popcorn ceiling
  • new light fixtures
  • paint all things (walls, trim, doors, fireplace)
  • new light switches and outlets
  • gut and reno powder room
  • gut and reno kitchen

Stairwell to Top Floor:

  • rip up carpet
  • sand and stain treads and risers
  • paint trim and walls

Top Floor:

  • new floors throughout (hardwood in bedrooms and hallway and tile in bathroom)
  • new trim, doors, hardware
  • new light fixtures
  • new light switches and outlets
  • paint all things
  • gut and reno bathroom


  • gut
  • add wall to divide laundry/storage/mechanical
  • add bathroom?
  • new floors
  • new trim, doors, hardware
  • new drywall
  • do something with stairs (paint? stain?)
  • paint


  • finish fence
  • new deck
  • new garden along back fence
  • paint shutters and doors
  • paint brick?
  • bulk up posts on porch
  • remove overgrown bushes from front garden and a few in the back
  • plant cedars along back fence lines
  • new plants in front garden
  • new door hardware
  • new light fixtures

Oh Lord…I could write lists within lists, but I think that’s scary enough for now!





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