Fireplace Makeover

I would describe myself as a pretty safe person, who likes to be just a wee bit different. If I were on the proverbial beaten path, I’d just be off to the side. I might have a toe grazing the edge or something. Some might say I’m way off the straight and narrow…others probably think […]

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Take off that Skirt!

july416 303

Before you get too excited (or offended, depending on what kind of a person you are), I’m talking about a sofa here. It all started with an innocent trip to the thrift store. Wednesdays are the best. Since I am currently on maternity leave, my mom usually comes on Wednesdays to watch the kiddos while […]

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Operation Curb Appeal: DIY Address Plaque

june2 213-2

Hi! I’m back already! If you are just tuning in, this is my second post about Operation Curb Appeal. You can check out my previous post on how we overhauled our front garden here. But just because before and afters are my fave here you go… This was the front of our house on the […]

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Operation Curb Appeal: Front Garden

May30 284-2

I have been dying to step up our curb appeal since we bought our house back in 2014. The sun faded red shutters drive me cray cray every time I drive up our street. I swore that would be one of the first things to be done when we moved in…two years ago. Here’s the […]

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That Time I Cried Over Tile (AKA Powder Room Makeover)

I will preface this post by saying that our powder room renovation took about six months to complete (a job that could be done in about a week if you’re working on it full time); I was pregnant at the time; and chasing after a busy toddler. I find it funny when people say “busy” […]

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Main Floor Reno Part 3: The Really Pretty Stuff

Okay, here we go…the good stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate and recognize the importance of proper demo and reconstruction of a reno but my heart is with the pillows and pretty things. You saw a sneak peek of the new paint colour in the previous post. We’ve come a long way since […]

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Main Floor Reno Part 2: The Prettyish Stuff

If you have ever done a renovation, you may have also fell victim to the downward (or upward, depending on which way you look at it) reno spiral. This is when you start one reno, like taking out some walls, for instance, and then decide that if you’re going to take out some walls, you’re […]

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